Who We Are

Nasser Ghorbani, PhD, Founder, CEO, President

Dr. Ghorbani graduated with a PhD degree in Mechanical Eng. from Univ. Of Leeds, UK. Nasser has many years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, technology development, digital and innovative solutions. He published several patents and many peer-reviewed journal papers. Dr. Ghorbani managed several million dollars projects in the oil and gas industry.

Claudio Olmi, PhD, CTO

Olmi is a multi-disciplinary engineer and researcher capable of working on Hardware and Software applied to a variety of disciplines. He has worked in the Oil & Gas, Retail, and Education Industry to develop new equipment and software to optimize productivity and to maximize quality of customer experience. Olmi holds a doctoral degree from the University of Houston in Electrical and Computer Engineering specializing in Physics-based modeling and control of Cyber-Physical Systems.


As a pool owner, I, Nasser Ghorbani, (Founder and CEO), always wanted to optimize and automate my pool system, simultaneously to reduce the cost of pool ownership. I realized that the majority of pool systems in the US are using old technologies and are not optimized at all. Recent development in AC/DC motors introduced Variable Speed Pump (VSP) to pool industries. VSPs are able to reduce the energy consumption, but the major obstacle with VSPs is that they are very expensive ($2000 - $3000) and it could take up to 4 years for customers to get their money back. As a user it did not sound a very attractive solution to me. I also realized that these VSPs are not smart yet and even controlling them remotely cost extra. One of the essential parts of our lives is internet and remote connectivity. How come in pool industry we are so behind? Everything in our lives is getting smarter not our pool system.

The question was whether there is a simpler and better solution? The solution should be easy to install (DIY) as well as reasonably priced for costumers. As an engineer with many years’ experience working in industry and enthusiastic about new technologies and innovative solutions, I believe the return of investment should always be tangible for the users. So, I started with an idea how I could retrofit the current pool system to make them smart, optimized, and automated, at the same time, to save pool owners money.

I started working on my idea in December 2019 and came up with a preliminary solution in March 2020. I shared the idea with Claudio Olmi (CTO) in May 2020 and we started developing the idea/solution to a practical product. We proved the concept in September/October 2020 and built the first prototype in February 2021. We officially registered the company in February 2021.

Our goal is to simplify the pool system and to reduce the cost of pool ownership. We want to provide a solution that manage your pool system smarter, safer, and cheaper. For the start, we developed two solutions: i) TimeQ and ii) SaveQ. TimeQ manages your pool operation safely and give you access to remotely control your pool pump while intelligently operate the pump. SaveQ reduces the energy consumption and saves you money as well as everything TimeQ does.

We Do not Just Sell A Product, We Provide A Solution